October 2, 2014

Radiation Spectra Measurement

The detector sub-system is made out of three detection heads and their associated acquisition chains.

The three radiation detectors are silicon fully depleted solid state detectors used in single and coincident mode. The detectors can be respectively tuned for detecting electrons, proton or heavy ion. They can be modified from one mission to another.

For each detector, the energy deposition histograms are constructed on-board over each acquisition cycle. They consist in accumulating energy loss spectra in the detectors over a programmable period.

The spectra are generated through signal amplitude classification using 8 bit ADCs and resulting in 128 or 256 channels histograms. The reference levels of the discriminators and gain of the amplifiers are programmable to provide for possible on-board tuning optimization. The accumulation time for the spectra can be programmed from 16 to 64 s.

The reference values are programmable and will be a priori preset before launch and then optimized during the first measurement campaign.

Measurement principle and associated spectra generation
Measurement principle and associated spectra generation

Detector heads are oriented in the same plane than the EXPERIENCE Module. They are external and can be removed or changed easily.

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